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Technology is our cornerstone, Innovation is our passion.

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If we promise it, we do it.

For a number of years our company has been developing products to sell globally under some big brand names and this is growing very well.  


Although we are small in scale compared to most industries, we are a professional bicycle tools manufacturer for 20 years.


For Business, our core values are : 

Integrity / Experience /  Progress / Partnership-focused thinking



Integrity is our most basic and most important value.

We don't make commitments lightly.  We make decisions and take action based on facts and analysis. Once we make a commitment, we devote ourselves completely to meeting it. 



We consider professionalism to mean driving advanced technology and product quality with sustainable cost reductions and continuously working to improve our products and services-both in the hand tool business and the hardware industry.

Our experience, combined with the expertise of our partners, ensures the outstanding quality of our products.



Innovation is the source of our growth and it's a part of all the aspects of our business, from strategic planning, marketing and management right through to technology and manufacturing. 

We do the development and engineering in house. We also help to do the communications with existing factory, quality inspections, and also find new vendors for customers.


Partnership-focused thinking:

At Starwinn, customers come first. We've treated our customers as partners and never entered into competition with them. This close partnership is key to our long-term success and our further growth-together with our customers. 


We learn from our customers because we pay attention to them and satisfy their individual requirements.  Our company thrives on our customers' inspiration. We're convinced that only real trust can lead to the best result for both parties.


Starwinn has the broadest range of technologies and services in the hardware manufacturing industry.  Recently we increase some more equipment to make the manufacturing efficient.  We collaborates with partners to ensure that all services supporting those technologies represent the best practices in the hardware and hand tool industry. 


We want to grow together with you through mutual understanding and sharing information. 


Is this something that you are interested in doing?  If yes, please let me know and we can discuss by phone, skype or email. 

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